Cafe Couture – Reinventing The Office Coffee Experience

Every company knows that happy staff equals productive staff, and for many workers these days happiness can be reinforced in the form of a great cup of coffee.

Research has found that the average person in the UK drinks 2.5 cups of coffee per day; in the office environment that goes up to 5.5 cups. This can be costly, for both the member of staff and for their employer.

Take the price of a cup of coffee. In most High Street outlets this can be anywhere between £2.40 and £3. That’s a potential bill of £16.50 per worker.

Then there’re the trips from the office to the local coffee shop. Survey results suggest workers spend an average of 21 minutes on a coffee run: leaving their desks to visit the nearest Costa, Starbucks or other outlet, queuing, and then coming back to the office.

That mounts up to a lot of unproductive time for them, and lost productivity for you.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Find out why…

How Much Time and Money Are Your Staff Paying On Getting Decent Coffee When They Are At Work?

How much do you think getting a high quality cup of coffee costs?  Well our new vending machines which not only look great but also dispense coffee to die for from as little as 30p per cup.  How much do you think your staff would appreciate that facility in the office rather than them having to leave the office and spend a couple of pounds elsewhere?  Not to mention time out of the office?
This fact is not going unnoticed by office managers, business owners and HR’s as they look to make the office experience better for their all important staff.  If this resonates with you then please take a look at what we have on offer – at the website below. Better still drop me a mail and I will personally talk through the options with you.
I may even treat you to a coffee!