Cafe Couture – Reinventing The Office Coffee Experience

Every company knows that happy staff equals productive staff, and for many workers these days happiness can be reinforced in the form of a great cup of coffee.

Research has found that the average person in the UK drinks 2.5 cups of coffee per day; in the office environment that goes up to 5.5 cups. This can be costly, for both the member of staff and for their employer.

Take the price of a cup of coffee. In most High Street outlets this can be anywhere between £2.40 and £3. That’s a potential bill of £16.50 per worker.

Then there’re the trips from the office to the local coffee shop. Survey results suggest workers spend an average of 21 minutes on a coffee run: leaving their desks to visit the nearest Costa, Starbucks or other outlet, queuing, and then coming back to the office.

That mounts up to a lot of unproductive time for them, and lost productivity for you.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Find out why…

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