Creativity by Customisation

Cafe Couture Just Add MilkPicture an ordinary coffee pot – we know that’s not the most exciting way to start an article, but that’s exactly the point. Most offices have either a traditional appliance tasked with the mundane job of pushing out caffeinated cups of hot liquid, or they are equipped with a fancier machine that promises a better result, but offers few options. Both of these scenarios completely miss the point of what a satisfying cup of coffee is really about – the reward of savouring the perfect selection, and contemplating that victory with each caffeine-infused sip.

This is the very essence of the world we live in today. Everything is customisable, from the apps on your phone, to the settings in your car. For most workers, the initial rush of energy and alertness that comes from their morning cup will set the tone and pace for the day. But it’s not only about the caffeine – the level of enjoyment that comes from the coffee is actually more important, as this triggers certain chain reactions in the brain, leading to innovation, or stifling it.

Ask yourself this fundamental question: Are the beans at the major coffee houses really that much better, or are professionals willing to wait in queue because of the vast menu of options that put them in control of the cup’s final outcome? The fact of the matter is simple – the more exciting it is to get coffee from within the office, the less likely workers are to seek this need before work or during breaks.

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