From Tasteless to Tasteful: Coffee Machine Case Study

In all the years we’ve been in business, we’ve yet to fit the same system twice. While the number of coffee machines we offer is finite, the needs of each client differ, even when operating with the same system. Two recently completed projects perfectly illustrate this point, the first on behalf of a hospital and the second for a chain of leisure centres. In each instance, our mandate was similar – to strip out the existing system and replace it with a superior one that would be easier to maintain and profitable from the get-go – but the final result was markedly different in each instance.

Case Study 1

East Surrey Hospital in Redhill approached us to request that we give their hot drinks system the makeover it was crying out for. The existing system was badly out of date, and there was no scope to improve upon it working with the framework they had. The only option was to completely strip it out and start afresh.

We set to work dismantling the hospital’s tired looking hot beverages system and installed a gleaming new counter and units, tastefully branded by Cafe Couture, complete with coffee bean decals that looked far more inviting than the graphics that had previously been in place.

This was about more than just an aesthetic upgrade though: we also got rid of the old instant milk bean machines and replaced them with a top of the range system dispensing high street quality drinks complete with fresh milk. From the client’s perspective, this was ideal, not only on account of the improved coffee that staff and patients were treated to, but because there was no capital outlay.

Two Macchiavalley Fuego fresh milk machines were installed that were soon serving over 200 drinks a day. We also stuck around to dispense complete staff training and will be returning to provide support and maintenance moving forward. The capital investment over three years equates to £20,000 with the guarantee of at least 150 cups of coffee and other beverages sold a day. Has the project been a success? Put it this way, since switching over to the new system, sales have increased by 18%. It’s amazing what a difference a good cup of coffee makes.

Case Study 2

Another project we completed recently was for a national leisure chain. The Nestle machines they were using were in poor condition and well past their sell by date. This was compounded by the fact that the support and servicing they were receiving was slim to non-existent. As with the hospital client, our mandate was to replace the existing machines in favour of the latest vending technology.

The system we installed again carried Cafe Couture branding and dispensed a discernibly superior brew. From the perspective of the leisure chain, the deal was sweetened by the fact that there were no rentals involved and there was no capital outlay. Everything they paid was inclusive with the cup charge. This enabled them to start making money with every cup they sold.

The pay per cup option that both clients plumped for, based around a three-year contract and a minimum sales guarantee, gave them the peace of mind that came from knowing their shiny new system would be a money-maker from day one rather than a liability. Both clients were delighted with the outcome, with the leisure chain reporting a big improvement in quality, an increase in sales and a major revenue boost coupled with great customer feedback.

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