How much could you really save by switching to appliances that save a few watts of power here and there?

More than you might think actually.

Take the coffee machine for example, a device which is as integral to the smooth functioning of an office as any computer. Without coffee, we are nothing. With coffee, we are motivated to work twice as fast, not least to cover the astronomical energy bill our bean to cup machine has racked up.

Coffee machines and counting beans

machine2-1As an example of what smart leasing can do for your bottom line, take the Nevis, a high end coffee machine supplied by Cafe Couture. It’s the sort of machine you’d install in a chic digital marketing office or ad agency. Or possibly a law office…or anywhere else that could use a good cup of coffee at the push of the button. Whatever; the location doesn’t matter. What matters is that it pulls in 1,000 watts less per day on average than many of its counterparts.

Over the course of a month, that could easily save you £20. Over the course of a year, it would save you £240. And during a typical three-year contract, it would save a cool £720. And that’s just one machine. If you had three of those in a large office, that’s some serious cash on the line.

We can’t alleviate our need for coffee any more than we can alleviate our need to charge our phones, watches, headphones and myriad other devices at work. But by making smart leasing decisions and sunsetting inefficient appliances, it’s possible to power down without unplugging. Now there’s a thought.

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